Small Batch Pickle Vodka from Maryland

The Original Pickle Shot® Originated in 1989!

As 3 hungover bartenders crawled out of bed the morning after wreaking of regret and failure, their mouths tasting like they licked a wool sweater after trekking through the Sahara Desert. They searched desperately through the house for something to cure their torturous state.

When opening the fridge to their dismay all that was in it was a half empty jar of pickles and a bottle of tequila. In desperation they mixed the two together and thus The Original Pickle Shot® was born as The PickleShot Brand Shooter™.  Eventually it evolved and the tequila was replaced by our vodka to give our customers the best possible PickleShot Brand Shooter™.

We sought out the perfect Pickle Brine until we found the the most delicious and flavorful concoction that’s our secret recipe. We then mixed this ‘secret brine’ with a handcrafted small batch vodka to create the PickleShot Brand Spirit™ we offer today.  Now available in Bottle for the first time, we are happy to share the PickleShot Brand Spirit™ with the world.  The highest quality ingredients for a low price is what makes our PickleShot Brand Spirit™ so enticing…that and its f*cking delicious!